Sunday, 8 April 2012

Cheap, Quick and Easy Nail Art

Hi lovelies! So it's Easter Bank Holiday Weekend and most people will be making the effort and going out. To mark the occasion I've tried out some nail art, I couldn't quite decide which design I wanted to go for so I experimented on each nail.
I'm no nail art pro so I can assume you that this look was quick and easy, I didn't even buy any new nail polishes I just used colours I had at home already.
Here is the overall look:

The nail polishes I used are as follows:
For the base colour on most of my nails I used a nude that I love as it's just the right balance between pink and brown.

Boots 17 Lasting Fix in Forever
For the base colour for my ring fingers I used a nude metallic which is kind of between silver and gold so goes with everything.
Models Own in Champagne
For the metallic tips on my thumbs and little fingers I used a pinky bronze.
Leighton Denny in Sugar Daddy
And finally for the nail art lines and leopard print bits I used a black polish with gold shimmer in it which I actually got free with a magazine a while ago.
Missguided in Missfit
I got the bows and pearls in a little wheel of nail accessories which I bought off Ebay from Hong Kong, it's really easy to find if you just type in 'nail bows' or 'nail gems' etc, there's loads of different styles and they're pretty cheap. I just glued them on with nail glue and pressed them down when my polish was still a little tacky.

The nails themselves are just acrylic extensions.

So which nail design do you prefer? Has anyone else tried out any interesting nail art recently?

Have a good Easter Weekend love Alex xx

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