Thursday, 3 January 2013

Review: UTan Body Sculpting Fake Tan by Ultimo

Hi lovelies! SO sorry I haven't blogged in about a million years, Christmas has been unbelievably hectic but I have some pretty big news...on Christmas day I got the most amazing surprise...I got engaged!!!
Before I opened my presents Ben got down on one knee and presented me with the most beautiful engagement ring...ok that's not technically how it happened. He was acting all weird and knelt down and I just kept going 'get up stop messing about!' over and over again! Then I opened the bag (yep he gave me the entire bag because he was all nervous and couldn't unfasten it to get the box out) and I just went 'you're not joking!!!' To be fair though nobody tells you how you're meant to react to a proposal! It was amazing and romantic and I am SO happy anyway.


Ok so now I can stop hyperventilating with excitement I might just start with what this blog post is actually about, one of my favourite things in the world, FAKE TAN!!!
I am constantly on the look for a new fake tan to aid my quest to be super bronzed, so I just HAD to try the new Ultimo fake tanning range, designed with body sculpting technology. Obviously this appealed to me even more because not only is it meant to give you a golden glow, it's also meant to make you look thinner! RESULT!

Utan £28.50

Utan comes in different formulas, mousse or lotion, as well as gradual tan and wash-off shimmer tan. The shades vary from medium to dark, and I liked that they have names too, like the medium tan lotion is called Marbella Gold. Because I can't be bothered faffing about with a natural looking gradual tan, I went for the darkest lotion...Ibiza Extreme. I thought I would apply this tan before my work Christmas party, fully expecting to slap it on and wake up looking 7 stone lighter and a wonderful shade of mahogany.

Now to start with, this fake tan costs £28.50, (you can buy it from John Lewis)so I fully expected it to pretty much apply itself then tell me how gorgeous I looked. This was not the case, it doesn't even come with any gloves! I thought this was a bit tight for an expensive tan to be honest. Another thing, described as a lotion, this tan is definitely a gel. When squeezed out it looks identical to Fake Bake Extreme Darkest Self Tanning Gel...and it's just as much of a ballache to apply. The instructions suggest you apply it using gloves, they don't mention that, like with the Fake Bake version, you have to move at the absolute speed of light to rub it in because it starts to streak pretty much immediately. I was absolutely petrified about what I was going to look like in the morning, because I went to sleep looking like streaky bacon! 
However once I showered off the base colour, it was pretty even and a decent dark colour, which was a massive relief!

On the plus side, the tan has a really dark guide colour, so you can definitely see where you're rubbing it. It also definitely only needs one application, which is brilliant as I HATE watching all my hard work wash down the plughole and knowing I've got to do at least 2 more applications until I'm brown enough to go out!

Now with regards to the 'body sculpting technology' I noticed NO DIFFERENCE WHATSOEVER.

The next time I applied this tan I adopted a different approach to avoid the streaking and difficulty rubbing it in. I applied it using gloves as suggested, but then used a mitt to blend straight away to buff off any streaks and help the tan to spread around more easily. This worked MUCH better, but you still need to apply quickly to avoid streaks.

Overall I would say it's a long lasting fake tan which gives a decent colour from one application, but it's not easy to apply so if you're new to tanning it would be one to avoid. Next time I would try the mousse version instead as they tend to be easier to apply. 

Here are a few photos of me wearing the fake tan, so see what you think for yourselves. 

Let me know if you've tried Utan and what you think to it!
Happy New Year!


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  2. wow congrats on the engagement! lucky girl. definitely think im trying this tan out

  3. Thanks guys! Let me know what you think if you do try the tan xxx