Thursday, 19 July 2012

Review: Clarins Daily Energizer Skincare Range

Hi! Firstly sorry I haven't blogged in SO long, I've been super busy but I'm back now and have loads of exciting products to review for you!

I'm going to start off with some products I got a little while ago now, which are from Clarins' Daily Energizer Range. I think Clarins sometimes gets a reputation as a brand for older women, with loads of really complicated lotions and potions and science-y ingredients to tackle a myriad of issues that I'm hoping I won't have to deal with for a while yet! However this is totally not the case, Clarins have a brilliant range of products aimed at younger women, and the specific problems we can find with our skin.

The range, called Daily Energizer, is made up of a collection of simple products, aimed to help women maintain a flawless, radiant complexion, while still living our fast-paced daily lives.

Clarins market the skincare range at the younger market, to help give skin a boost against things we all suffer from...late nights, partying, stress, pollution and fatigue. This really appealed to me as I don't know about you but I can definitely see a difference in my skin the day after a night out, it's like my hangover instantly transforms my skin from alright to zombie-fied over night!

I went for the Wake-Up Booster (£15.50), which is like a tonic but it's also designed to 'wake-up' the skin, and anything that's going to make my skin look a bit more lively in the morning is fine by me! The brilliant thing about this product actually works! As soon as I splash it on my face and pat it all over (I don't use cotton wool as it doesn't feel as good) I instantly feel more awake and refreshed, and my skin responds to my moisturiser much more than usual.

Daily Energizer Wake-Up Booster

Clarins also do a selection of moisturisers within this range:
Daily Energizer Cream (winner of an Elle Beauty Award)
Daily Energizer Cream-Gel
Daily Energizer Lotion SPF15

I went for the Lotion (£20), as it is the lightest of the three and as my skin can get quite oily I need a moisturiser that is nice and light. The SPF15 is also an added benefit, whereas the other moisturisers do not contain SPF.
I have been using the Lotion for a little while now and it makes my skin feel really healthy. It absorbs quickly so my skin isn't left feeling greasy, it also smells amazing and a little bit goes a long way.

Daily Energizer Lotion

Probably the best thing about these products, is that I got an amazing free gift!
Usually, free gifts tend to be tiny miniatures of stuff you will never use, just to con you into buying an extra product, but with this Clarins offer, the customer had the choice of three decent sized products from a wide range of ten products to suit various ages and skin types, as well as a cute bag perfect for holidays or picnics.

I chose Clarins' famous Beauty Flash Balm, a product beloved by celebrities (and my mum), a Moisture-Rich Body Lotion (which smells divine) and a One-Step Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser, which is also absolutely gorgeous and gentle enough to use every day. I've been using all of these products since I got them and I have to say I've been really impressed.

Have any of you tried any Clarins products? What would you like to see me review next?

Alex xxx

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