Sunday, 19 February 2012

Interview with Claudia from Sorority Girls

She describes herself on Twitter as "hair done, nails done, everything BIG! Journalism student/wannabe millionaire/E4's favourite sorority girl" and she certainly isn't lying.

Claudia Wright starred in Sorority Girls, an E4 show in which girls competed to be part of a new American sorority house Sigma Gamma. Basically they put 14 girls in a house together, threw in some twinsets and pearls, and tried to make them act like ladies.

Branded a a 'slooter cahooter' (strange American term for slut) by the sorority sisters, cocktail waitress Claudia was eliminated for the show for apparently having explicit photos on Facebook, a claim she strongly denies. She was the centre of attention from the first episode where she rocked up to meet the sorority sisters wearing tiny denim shorts and became well known for her fake tanning mantra and sarcastic comments.

She's down to earth, hilarious, and she loves fake tan even more than I do, and she's agreed to let you in on her beauty get your hairdryer ready. (all will be revealed, go with me on this one)

Claudia's Top 5 Must-Have Beauty Products:

Fake eyelashes Eyelure No. 145
MAC Prep + Prime facial primer
Benefit Hoola bronzer
Rimmel Sunshimmer instant tan
Mac Lipstick in Crème de Nude
Rimmel eyebrow pencil
 (Claudia found it too hard to limit to just 5, I’m no beauty fascist so I let her have 6)

Inside Claudia's Makeup Bag:
 MAC Skinfinish pressed powder
MAC Prep + Prime facial primer
Rimmel Eyebrow pencil
Eyebrow primer
Loads of nude lipsticks- She's obsessed with them at the moment
3 types of foundation- Claudia wears Boots 17 Photo Flawless foundation, mixed with Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation, then on top of that she layers Urban Decay Surreal Skin.
A lot of bronzer

Claudia's finished look

And here it is, Claudia's famous fake tanning ritual first shown on Sorority Girls and featured (mocked) on Harry Hill's TV Burp...

"The fake tan I use depends if I’m skint or not! If ive just got my loan in I use Fakebake or Xen-tan, but if I’m budgeting it’s St Moritz dark, sometimes I mix dark with medium because it actually seems to make it darker for some reason!
Then I use a hairdryer to dry my body, everyone made a big deal out of this but it’s literally just so it dries!
Then I put another layer on, and hairdry my body that’s it for a normal day but if I’m going out I’ll put another layer on and then Rimmel Sunshimmer over that."

The (very bronze) finished product

Here is a clip of Claudia explaining her look to the sorority sisters...enjoy!

To see more from Claudia, check out her blog


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