Friday, 15 March 2013

Beauty Tutorial: Simple Day/Night Look Using Benefit Products

Hi everyone! I've decided as well as doing product reviews I am also going to treat you all to some makeup tutorials as well, because I often find I'm asked the same beauty 'how to' questions and this is a perfect way to answer them.

First up, I am going to show you how to create a simple, easy to achieve look which would be perfect for daytime or evening.

Step 1: Base

Prime the skin using a combination of Benefit That Gal and POREfessional. I like to mix these two primers because then I get the benefits of both. The POREfessional instantly erases any open pores and keeps makeup looking fresh all day, while That Gal brightens the complexion.
POREfessional-£23.50 That Gal-£21.50

Excuse my ghostly pale face!
After priming the skin, apply your chosen foundation to the skin using a foundation brush.

Step 2: Concealer

To brighten the eye area, mix brightening treatment Benefit Ooh La Lift (£16.50) with light reflecting concealer Erase Paste (£19.50) to create a super light reflective concealing potion. Apply to under eye area in a 'magic V' shape, this helps highlight cheekbones and deflect light away from dark circles.

Step 3: Cheeks

For a natural easy contoured effect apply Benefit Watts Up (£24.50) to the cheekbones and browbone to highlight. Then use Benefit Hoola bronzer (£23.50) underneath cheekbones to emphasise the cheekbone. Blend the highlighter and bronzer shades together with a peachy blush, I used Benefit Coralista (£23.50).

Step 4: Eyes

Apply a primer specifically for the eye area, I like Benefit Stay Don't Stray (£19.50) because it can be used all around the eye area and really makes sure any eyeshadow stays put without creasing all day (and night). 
Once the eye area is primed, apply a cream eyeshadow as again this won't crease, I've used Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow in Sippin' n Dippin' (£14), a peach parfait shade. This shade would suit any skintone or eye colour, and looks gorgeous both worn alone or as a base colour for say a bronzed smoky eye.

After applying the eyeshadow, use a liquid eyeliner to give the eye instant definition, this can also take the look from day to night. I like Benefit Magic Ink (£14.50) because it has a precision brush so you can get a really neat flick, it is also a glossy black so doesn't smudge or rub off on the upper eyelid which is such a pet hate of mine!

Finally apply 2 coats of the world's bestselling mascara Benefit They're Real (£18.50). Now I have found this mascara I would never use anything else because it really does deserve its title, it is AMAZING!

Step 5: Eyebrows

Defining eyebrows instantly frames the whole face and makes you instantly look more groomed. I use Benefit Browzings in Dark (£22.50) as previously I would get through a brow pencil per month! Although this might seem like a big investment at first, I have had my kit over a year and it still hasn't run out so it's saved me a lot of money in the long run.

Step 6: Lips

Apply a nude pink lipstick to finish the look, I used Benefit Shy (£14) as it is the perfect daytime shade. It also looks gorgeous at night time with a dark smoky eye for a pale 60's style lip.


What do you think? What other looks would you like to see me demonstrate?