Saturday, 11 February 2012

First Ever Blog Post!

Ok so this is my first attempt at blogging...and I'm not quite sure what to do!
First of all I'll introduce myself and tell you a little bit about myself and what I hope to achieve with this blog.

My name is Alex, I'm a journalism student studying for my NCTJ Journalism Diploma.
I've been obsessed with makeup and cosmetics since I was a little kid and my ultimate ambition is to become a beauty journalist.

My 5 beauty must haves are:
1. Dermalogica Dermal Clay Cleanser- I've been using this cleanser for years and it's amazing for oily skin.
2. Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream- Yes everyone loves it...and with good reason! It really deserves its cult status and I seriously couldn't live without it.
3. Fake tan- In particular Fake Bake Extreme or for a budget friendly option St Moritz is fab, either way I can't cope with not being bronzed.
4. Benefit Boi-ing concealer- An absolute wonder-product, industrial strength concealer that covers blemishes, dark circles, even eyebrow regrowth! It's probably the hardest working product in my (bulging) makeup bag.
5. Mac lipstick- Nothing quite comes close to Mac lipsticks for colour, and they're always on top of evey trend. My colour of the moment is Angel, a gorgeous nude pink.

In this blog I am going to try out new products, help you solve your beauty dilemmas and show you how to achieve different looks.

Let me know if there is anything you would like to learn how to achieve, or any products you would like me to try out and I will do my best to get on it!

Alex xxx


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  2. Hey alex I just deleted that last comment by mistake! But basically I'm looking for a really good blusher and I wondered if you could help? I'd like something pink/peach and not too sparkly, I don't mind spending about £25 if it's really good. Also I really struggle with liquid eyeliner, help! X