Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Review: Benefit Hervana

Sorry it's been a while since my last blog post, I've had a mental week and busy weekend but I'm back now!
Today's post is based on a request by one of my blog followers, asking for advice on a matte blusher. Naturally I have come to the rescue with the perfect product.

Benefit's newest box powder blusher Hervana is perfect for anyone wanting a matte blusher. It has a cute swirl of colours inside, and don't be put off by the more purpley shades, it looks absolutely gorgeous on and would suit any skintone. It also has a lovely berry blossom fragrance which is gorgeous for Spring, and the swirl of shades reminds me of ice cream!

Benefit redesigned their boxes a while ago and I must say the new style are much better. Rather than having a removable lid, the new box has a lid which flips back to reveal a mirror on the inside which is so useful.

The blusher also comes with a more angled brush than Benefit's other powders, so it's great for sculpting and shaping cheekbones.

In the picture I am wearing Hervana by itself but it also looks gorgeous if you use a bronzer underneath cheekbones, then Hervana on the apples of the cheeks. This would give the illusion of stunning high cheekbones. (Apologies for how rough I look on the picture, had a banging headache all day, think I need an early night!)

Hervana is a brilliant multi-tasker, you can use it to take your look from day to night really easily. In the photo above I have just swirled the brush around the box and dusted it onto my cheeks, to give a blend of the colours. You can also tap the brush onto the individual shades, so adding more of the pink/purple shades for a brighter pinky look, or add more of the peach/coral shades for a peachy glow. The palest shell coloured shade also works well as a highlighter on the browbone.

Products that would work well with Hervana:
Benefit Highbeam
Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Rose

So there you go Lilycat, hope this answered your question!
Comment below if there are any other beauty dilemmas you need me to solve or products you would like to see featured on my blog.


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  1. The blusher looks very pretty on you, Hervana is one of those pretty, pink, girly blushers that I wouldn't normally love but in this case I do!