Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Do's and Don'ts of Approaching a Beauty Counter

Hi! So I think it's safe to say I've had a bit of a sabbatical from blogging, a really long one to be precise, but I'm back and want to make my blog bigger and better than before. I've got LOADS of amazing products to review and I also want to start sharing more makeup looks with you guys, but I thought I would get things started again with a little tongue in cheek post about how to approach a beauty counter.

1. Do: be polite
You wouldn't go to the hairdressers and start being a gobshite so don't do this at a beauty counter! This means don't wave testers at a consultant if she's clearly already serving a customer, it's the equivalent of being that idiot waving cash at a bar, it's guaranteed to piss the person you're waiting for right off. Also don't presume the consultant is uneducated or stupid and talk down to them, a lot of the girls and guys on makeup counters have degrees and qualifications, and even if they don't it takes a lot of business knowledge to run that kind of account. Don't get angry if your particular shade is out of stock, it's not the consultants fault and they've probably had loads of people kicking off about it already.

2. Don't: be unrealistic
Don't turn up to your appointment asking for a natural look then whip out a screenshot off Pinterest of Kim Kardashian and want to look like that...not gonna happen! Remember even the most natural of photos online involve a hell of a lot of makeup and editing, and if you're not used to wearing a lot of makeup chances are you will absolutely hate the look. Instead have a good chat with the makeup artist about what you normally use and what you would like to look like, photos can be good so you're both on the same page but be flexible about the outcome.

3. Do: be specific
Your idea of a 'nude' lipstick is probably not the same as your best friend's, or the makeup artist's, be specific or it can turn into a really frustrating game for everyone concerned. So this means do you want a pinky nude, or a browny nude? Do you want it paler than your natural lip colour or darker or do you want it to be a very close match? Show the makeup artist what you like and get them to help you find a similar colour to suit you. The same goes with anything really, don't just ask for a smokey eye, this can go horribly wrong if you don't say how dark you would like it as if you don't usually wear much eye makeup a soft grey or brown smokey eye might feel really dark on you, have this chat before you look in the mirror and see yourself with big black smokey eyes that Kim K would be proud of.
Definitely don't turn up and go "I'm looking for a lipstick that will suit me" ...you wouldn't go to the hairdressers and just go "cut my hair in a style that will suit me" would you?!

4. Don't: take advantage
How can I say this nicely? Hmm...don't sit and have a full face of makeup put on and then hop off the chair, say thanks and skip out the shop without buying anything. It's cheeky! The makeup artists on beauty counters are usually highly trained and skilled at what they do, their time is valuable and it's unfair to waste it. You wouldn't be able to do this anywhere else, like you don't go to a restaurant, eat a slap up meal and drink a bottle of wine then saunter out without paying! Fair enough if you don't like the look then don't buy the products but if you've been specific about what you would like and the makeup artist has done what you wanted then surely you would need some of the products to recreate that look at home. Nobody would expect a customer to buy every single thing but it's different when someone has clearly just booked an appointment just with the intention of having a free makeover.

5. Do: have fun!
I hear so many people say they're intimidated to go up to a beauty counter...don't be! The girls and guys on there are there to help you out, it's their job and there's no greater feeling than helping someone to feel confident about themselves, whether that's by trying a new lipstick shade or getting a whole new look. We all know that you feel amazing when you buy new makeup, well for someone working on a makeup counter makeup is their passion and they will love to help you find the perfect product for you.

I hope you enjoyed my first post back, comment below if there's anything you'd like to see on my blog in future. I'm also on the lookout for new blogs to follow so let me know if you're a fellow blogger and I will check out your blog



  1. The only thing that keeps me away from beauty counters in the UK is the assistants attitude (I'm not tarring them all with the saem brish, some are nice!). So many times I have been browsing and they look at you/hover infront of you as if A: you can't actually afford to shop there and B: you are going to rob them of the testers/products. I absolutley hate it. Last time I was in Selfridges I wanted to have a look at Illamasqua, but I carried on walking by as both of the assistants looked down their noses at me. It's happened so many times I don't even bother approaching counters, I buy online instead.

    1. as a person that works at a makeup counter I'm really sorry to hear your experience :( not all counters are like that. Not to say that some people aren't like that either. I would suggest that every time you have a bad experience write the company an email and let them know. The higher ups really like to know from customers how their experiences have been with their brand and they tend to take care of it. Good luck hun ♥

    2. I totally agree jenxx49. I've had some terrible experiences at some counters up here in Edinburgh. I've come across so many rude people and working in customer services myself, it grates on me so much! I think a lot of it has to do with that rude, posh attitude stereotype here or maybe the staffing of one particular department store, because the girls at Mac and Chanel in Glasgow are lovely! Try not to let a couple of bad experiences or the intimidating 'they're looking at me like I don't belong here' feeling ruin what can be a great thing! It took me ages to become confident enough to go up and let someone else do things to my face, but it was worth it later on. Especially in terms of colour matching my foundation for once haha xx


  2. You really know how the beauty advisor feel which is happening in singapore.

  3. Hi jenxx49 I'm sorry you've had some bad experiences at beauty counters in the UK, don't feel intimidated by the consultants though,a lot of the time they will come over to you when you arrive at the counter because they're expected to speak to every customer and ask if they're ok. If this comes across in a different way I'm sure they're not meaning you can't afford to shop there or are going to nick the testers. In future I would suggest just telling them you're ok thank you and would just like to have a browse and will let them know if you need help. I'm sure you'll be pleasantly surprised next time you go to a counter. Xx

  4. THAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I could post this as my counter and have every customer read this before coming to me lol the one that reaaally gets on my nerves are the ones that come in for a "free" makeover, well it's not free because you are wasting my time. Makeup artists at counters have daily sales goals that have to be met and I could be working with someone who is going to respect my time and skills by purchasing items.

    You hit the nail on the head with this post!!!! I always compare my situation with that of hair stylists. People wouldn't dare do half of what they do to us at a haor salon.

    Giselle ♥ Red Lipstick & Champagne Dreams

  5. I am a drag queen. So i love make up

  6. yeaaah, but many times the employees at Ulta have been rude to me where I live and condescending themselves towards me or passive aggressive/snooty. There should be respect both ways, I am always nice and polite plus I am giving them their paycheck!

  7. I have always found that the fastest attitude adjustment for a snooty salesperson is to come right out and tell them to lose the attitude. It always works for me!