Friday, 11 October 2013

Review: Origins Facial and Mask Marvels

Origins Facial

So as you may or may not know it was my birthday on Thursday 10th October and as a little birthday treat to myself I booked in for a relaxing facial at the Origins counter in John Lewis.
I have had Origins facials before and absolutely loved them so I was really looking forward to this, and it definitely did not disappoint!

My skin is currently quite dull and I'm suffering from blocked pores (too much drinking wine and eating rubbish I suspect) so I wanted something to brighten my skin and sort out the bumpy surface which isn't looking so great!

One thing I really like about Origins is their customer care system where customers' details are stored, along with their purchases and information so that whichever Origins counter you go to, they always have your information. This is great if someone is buying you a gift, or if you forget exactly which products you've used before.

So back to my facial, the consultant asked me loads of questions about my skin and what I wanted to get out of the facial, so she could really tailor the products she used to my skin's current needs. She used the following:

Cleanser- Dr Weil Mega-Bright skin illuminating cleanser
Exfoliator- Modern Friction
Toner- Dr Weil Mega-Bright skin illuminating treatment lotion
Mask- Drink Up Intensive
Serum- Dr Weil skin illuminating serum
Eye Treatment- No Puffery cooling roll-on
Moisturiser- Dr Weil Mega-Bright skin illuminating moisturiser
Eye Cream- Plantscription anti-ageing eye treatment

Review of the products used:

I love the Dr Weil Mega-Bright range, I've had a facial using these products before but didn't invest in them as it's quite an expensive range, so I really enjoyed using them again today as they're so nice and light and they really do instantly brighten my complexion. I've had a sample of the serum before and I will definitely be investing in it soon because for me, it really helps get rid of little scars left by picking spots (gross I know but I really can't help it!)

One thing that surprised me during my facial was how quickly my skin absorbed the Drink Up Intensive hydrating mask. Because my skin is quite oily I forget that it still needs hydration, so I was surprised to see that after the consultant put a thick layer of this mask on, my skin pretty much absorbed it completely. 

I also really enjoyed the No Puffery cooling eye roll-on treatment, as I do suffer from puffy eyes and it soothes them immediately. I will be doing a separate blog post on this product though as I did receive it for my birthday from my lovely work pals :)


I went to my facial intending to buy a Clear Improvement mask, to help clear my blocked pores, but when I got there I saw that Origins have already launched their Christmas gift sets yay! Last year they did an amazing mask gift set containing 3 of their amazing masks: Clear Improvement, Out of Trouble and Drink Up. I was hoping they had this gift set in again as I have just run out of the Out of Trouble mask, however this year the Mask Marvels set doesn't contain that mask any more! For some reason Origins have replaced Out of Trouble with another Drink Up mask, so the set now contains: Drink Up, Drink Up Intensive and Clear Improvement.
This is still a good buy though as a 100ml tube of Clear Improvement is £22 whereas the gift set contains three 75ml masks for £25 so I thought I may as well spend the extra three quid and get two more masks...bargain!

So Origins came up trumps yet again and I had a lovely relaxing facial and some gorgeous products to try at home.

Are any of you Origins fans? What are your favourite products?

Love Alex xxxxxxxx

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  1. I loved my Drink Up Intensive and I need to buy a new moisturizing mask soon. The only thing that I didn't really like about it was the smell; it had a bit of a cloying, herbal scent that annoyed me after a while. Nonetheless, I like Origins, and I'd love to try out more stuff from them. A happy belated birthday to you! x