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How To: Combat Shine for a Perfect Finish

Hello lovelies! Hope everyone is ok, I'm currently coming down with a cold but it's weird because I feel like I've been getting it all week but it hasn't actually arrived...not good! I find it really unfair that I haven't been a fresher for 5 years yet I STILL come down with Fresher's Flu!!!

Anyway moaning aside I will get on with this blog! I thought this time I would focus on something that I know a lot of people want to achieve, myself included, which is a shine-free perfect finish.
My own skin has a tendency towards being oily, so since I started using foundation (many years ago) I've struggled with finding the right products so I don't look shiny. I know a lot of my friends also complain of the same problems, we put our foundation on and our skin looks flawless...for about an hour. Then the dreaded shiny T-Zone starts creeping in, and after a few hours we get what I like to call 'Kebab Shop Mirror Face' named because after a night out when a few vodkas make you feel like you surely look like Cheryl Cole, you then get to the kebab shop (and for some reason these places ALWAYS have a mirrored wall), you look in the mirror and realise your makeup appears to have melted into your face so you now resemble Tara Reid...not good.


Over the years however I have discovered some amazing little products that really help to hold makeup in place all day/night, whilst combatting shine for a fresh finish.

The key to getting amazing coverage that actually lasts, starts with using a really good primer. I have two current faves, first of all I absolutely LOVE Benefit Porefessional. It's the best-selling primer in the UK and for good reason. It smoothes out the complexion, instantly making open pores appear invisible. Once foundation is put on top of this primer, it holds it in place so it lasts all day. The best thing about this primer though is that it actually absorbs oil, it contains an ingredient called Silica, which soaks up oil on the skin, meaning you can avoid getting a shiny T-Zone. The primer has a translucent finish once it's on the skin, meaning if you fancy having a makeup-free day, you can just wear it alone to even out the skin-tone. This primer would also suit other skin types as well as oilier skin, as it contains Vitamin E which acts like a protective barrier for the skin. Basically it's an all round wonder product!
Benefit Porefessional-£23.50

Another amazing primer, more suited to oily skin, is Boots No7 Shine Free Primer. This primer is specifically formulated to stop shine for a matte finish. It has light reflecting particles to brighten the complexion and an ingredient called Biopol absorbs oil. 
When this primer says it gives a matte finish, it doesn't lie, the finish is so matte it can be difficult to actually spread it across the skin! That's why I prefer to use this primer under a tinted moisturiser or BB cream, as the extra moisture from the coverage then makes it easier to blend. If you want to wear this primer under a foundation, I would recommend mixing a bit of moisturiser into the primer to make it easier to blend, as otherwise foundation can go a bit patchy.
Don't let this put you off though, if your skin is really oily this primer would be amazing as shine literally cannot get past it!
(Since Boots No7 had a re-brand in September this product has been re-launched and is now called Beautifully Matte Shine Free Makeup Base, it appears to be the same product though and has the same ingredients)
No7 Shine Free Primer- £10.50

 Next up is a matte foundation that lasts all day. Chances are everyone will have heard about this little gem already, and I know a lot of you have tried it/use it but I'm giving it a mention anyway because this feature wouldn't be complete without it! Yes, that's right, it's time for a bit of Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation. Marketed as 'Stay-in-Place' makeup, this foundation does exactly as it says.
Once you have applied this foundation, it gives a matte finish and stays in place all day. It is a full coverage foundation that some people might find too heavy, but I absolutely love it. It's suitable for day or night-time, as you will not have to re-apply or touch it up at all.
It comes in a huge variety of shades in warm, cool and neutral tones, so it's really easy to find a shade that's perfect for you.
Estee Lauder Double Wear- £27.50

And finally it's time for a touch of powder to complete our long-wearing, shine-free, perfect finish. I've recently started using a translucent powder, rather than a coloured coverage version, and I absolutely love it. I wasn't convinced at first when the MAC makeup artist suggested a translucent powder as I didn't think it would do much for my skin, but it's amazing. It absorbs oil and gives a flawless finish, without adding any extra coverage to my foundation, so it gives a more natural look than a powder designed to give coverage. The powder contains Mica and Silica to absorb oil, and is perfect for touch ups over foundation. Although it is translucent it still gives a hint of colour, so I got the Dark shade, but because it doesn't give too much colour it always looks perfect, rather than being too dark for my natural skin tone then too light when I fake tan.
MAC Blot Powder Pressed- £20.00

So there you have it, my essential products to give skin a perfect shine-free finish. Let me know if you've tried any of the products I've mentioned, or if you have any other essentials for perfect coverage.

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