Sunday, 4 March 2012

Review: Origins Facial

Hi everyone, hope you've had a nice relaxing weekend.
I had a day off on Friday so thought I would treat myself to a nice relaxing facial. I decided to try Origins in John Lewis, having been recommended their products by a few of my friends.

The facials last for 30 minutes and have a £15 booking fee, which is redeemable against any purchase, so if you're buying products you basically get a free facial.

The consultant took me into a beauty room which was just like any beauty room in a beauty salon, I pretty much forgot straight away that I was in a department store.

First of all I filled out a questionnaire about what kind of skin I have and what kind of regime I'm doing at the moment. Then I had a chat with the consultant who told me my skin isn't anywhere near as bad as I thought which was nice to hear!

Then I got comfy and settled down for my facial, which I have to say was amazing, it was so relaxing and the products felt so nice on my skin and smelt gorgeous too. The consultant used a wide range of products; cleanser, toner, scrub, mask, serum, eye treatment and moisturiser.

When the facial was over the consultant talked me through the products and helped me choose the ones that would make the most difference to my skin, although I'd have loved to take them all.

I went for the Modern Friction scrub (£30 for 125ml) which will last me a whole year so actually works out really cheap compared to less expensive brands.

I also got Well Off makeup remover (£16 for 150ml) because I tend to wear quite a lot of mascara and it removes it really easily without loads of rubbing and it also feels really soothing and gentle and doesn't sting the eye area.

Finally I got the Balanced Diet moisturiser (£22 for 50ml) which feels lightweight on my skin, and as my skin is quite oily I need a moisturiser that doesn't feel heavy or clog my pores.

Afterwards my skin was absolutely glowing, I didn't even feel awkward wandering out through the shop totally barefaced and when I saw my friends after they couldn't believe how clear and bright my skin looked.

The consultant also gave me a personalised recommendation card where she marked all the products that would be suitable for my skin. They are grouped together into product types so it's really easy to see what you need. Origins also keep your information on file so you can go into any store that sells their products and they will immediately know what you've bought so can totally tailor their service to you which I thought was really personal and brilliant customer service.

I must say I was a bit hesitant about getting a facial in a department store, then trotting out through the shop without a scrap of makeup on, but the experience was so relaxing, the consultant listened to my concerns and what I wanted to achieve and the products she selected were brilliant and really effective. I would definitely recommend an Origins facial to anyone needing a bit of help with their skincare routine, or just wanting to treat themselves to a relaxing half hour!


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